[ENG] Speedline for Porsche 964 Carrera 3.6 RS Cup. Rare Stuff.

  • Origins, when racing necessity creates the most beautiful 3 piece wheels

And you know what ? They don’t even need spacers.

1988 was a pivotal moment for Porsche Purists.

It was the last year of good clean non ABS fun for the true Porsche, the 911.

See, Porsche had to grow up. Find a consistent source of income, target not only the 1 percent top drivers out there.

They had to stop with the widow maker nonsense.

ABS break system was paramount to reach a wider audience.

After all the other Stuttgart firm, Mercedes, had developed an hegemony in safety features, tho during the 80’s that hegemon wasn’t subject to fierce competition.

The S class adopted it back in 1978.

And so the cop out began. To properly set up this complex system parts had to be installed further toward the wheel hub. As a result the wheel hub had to be moved outwards.

Wheels, 10 years before the – widely publicized – air cooled ditching from 993 to 996 had started their saddening retreat.

That moral defeat was easy to spot, and thus the « good » offset dropped.

When i say good i mean negative offset, the goal of all objectively good fitment, so that when it dropped, conversely the positive offset (the boring one) increased.


And increased it did, reaching a high of 70, from the good lows of -5 on the rear of a juicy CTR yellowbird ( see picture above) or those decadent negative offsets on both side for the second gen 911 RSR.

And so the 964 debuted with boring 16′ rims in asinine offsets. I won’t even bother naming them.

Only the (965.1) Turbo 3.3 had proper kicks (the Cup 1s below).


When the ( 965.2) Turbo 3.6 arrived with those beautiful Speedline 3 piece wheels something changed in the air.

Retrofitting was now possible and everybody was dutifully buying spacers to fit 965.1 wheels on their NB (Narrow Body) 964. Heck even Porsche made those wheels available on option for non turbo cars, although to be fair they had the wide body treatment or « Turbo Look ».


But let’s go in greater depth into those original 3.6 wheels (pictured above with non speedline hardware).

On the front specs are 8 x 18 ET 52 : regular Turbo 3.3 fitment no big deal, should even run without spacers.

On the rear, thought, it was another affair. 10 x 18 ET 61 was massive and subject to rubbing for non WB (Wide Body) cars.

Something had to done. That thing was the return of the Carrera RS 19 years after its original debut.

There would be so many things to say about this model, about the 3 versions available worldwide and even the little sister the RS America, that i just as well wont even start.

Let’s focus on the felgen.


Tho’ the first batch was fitted with true magnesium wheels the later batch went all out with Turbo 3.6 wheels with a twist : a better (read lower positive offset) offset.

9.5 x 18 ET 47. The golden spot.

Now the loop was complete : every 964 owner could have cool wheels too. And don’t even require spacers on both front and rear ! The fitment was so spot-on that Porsche, on extra wide 9.5′ Cup 1s wheel running ET 68, recommended a 21 mm spacer on narrow body cars. 68-21 !

Following the trend RUF produced an updated version of their instant classic CTRs. Not that it was as inspired and relevant as the first iteration.

But that’s a story for another time.


To conclude, the Carrera 3.6 Cup Wheels are not about being the « last of an era » or something that « they don’t make ’em like that anymore » (tho’ they are NLA from Porsche).


They are a gorgeous set of wheels, not only that but they transcend the all 964 line-up. This was the ultimate answer to the 1st gen RUF CTRs.

With that kind of one-upmanship the next round for the 993 chassis could only be thrilling.

  • Specs of the wheels featured

8 x 18 ET 52 FRONT OE number 965.362.136.00, speedline number SL 757 B

9.5 x 18 ET 52 REAR OE number 965.362.138.05, speedilne number SL757 D

Available for purchase only on Bring a Trailer.


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