[ENG] RUF Speedline CTR : well-meaning Elitism

It could have gone wrong in so many ways.

A small German tuner, a Porsche purist shop, a coach builder then manufacturer ordering a small batch of wheels from an extravagant Italian manufacturer, a juggernaut of the wheel game that cant say no to anything that has enough lira attached to it.


Well, uh, actually it did go wrong.

The weight.

Have a scale handy ? Yeah, you saw that right. 14 kilos for a rear.

Actually no one cared about that detail, those wheels were too damned gorgeous.

That’s just what they do to you.

Lets dive in.

Credits where credits are due

Kudos Speedline.

I am singling out Speedline, first because i love them, and second because i assume the creative juice flowed from their side of the Pô River. The latter batch of RUF wheels for the CTR2, made by Archenemy OZ RACING were not as inspired.

Sure i’d give a kidney for a pristine set of CTR2s but that would just be a hoarding reflex, a gross atavistic move. Those speedlines are all about passion.


First there’s the drastic design. Every single component is at a right angle.

It’s deep dish wheels at its best, unironic and absolute.

There’s the dramatic offset (5 !), the spokes, dirt flat too.

Then comes the build.

17 x 9 ET 17 (Can someone confirm if it is really -17,7 ? My educated bet is on a casting mark error)

17 x 10 ET 5


The ultra conservative double hump for added strength and limited tire sleep (on that note the OEM bridgestones  being already extremely stiff taking dry tires out is a tricky job ).

And, as we pointed out, the weight. It’s massive.

The edges are slightly curved outward, which makes for a good enough purchase when handling them. And boy do we need those. Wonderful.

Small batch production means no Speedline serial number. Makes sense, production is spread out over almost a decade.

I  can only imagine Speedline execs accepting, pouting, almost unwilling to produce, when time allows only, a set or two a month of those dumb and heavy wheels for those quirky tedeschi,  and then focusing the rest of their productive time on crafting state-of-the-art wheels for the Renault R11 and Citroen AX.

Wild times for sure.

A quick Recap

Widebody ? Check.

Low batch ? check.

destined for air-cooled Porsches ? You got it.

Significant racing pedigree ? uh, how about Fastest road going car at the time ? I guess it qualifies.

Only thing missing is a Porsche Serial Number.

Good one !

Lets play a game

KISS, KILL, MARRY with a slight twist : you own a 993 and it’s about the wheels.

Kiss ? The RUFs definitely. You know that wont last but you want in nonetheless

Kill ? the Alessios, in the sense that they are a perfect candidate for track use.

Marry ? Well what else apart from those damn Cup 1s !

And why i love them so much

Elitism one might say, is an invisible barrier, an attitude that presses upon you, making you doubt and most of the time making you abstain from doing something.

« I am just not good enough for being part of that »

The Carrera RS wheels craze is shallow elitism, i cant buy it because its too expensive, but that’s it. Moving on.

The RUF CTR’s is elitism done well, because it elicits passion, an urgent need, and a surefire way to solve that need.


In my case i bought a set in modified condition (but tastely so) made a small profit on it  and set out to find other sets, in better and / or original condition.

I found this set with heavily scuffed edges and it turned out great.


I found other sets in better condition.


All of them have a special place in my heart. Whatever that means.

« You know what ? I am part of it »




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