[ENG] Speedline Alessio (Porsche) : for bargain-hunting-air-cooled connaisseurs

But wait, where is the Porsche OEM number ? Any « Speedline for Porsche » engraving ?

Alas, that clearcoat is not hosting any message.

None of that, just plain Speedline layout : you get an in-house serial number (SL plus 1 to 4 numbers), a production date ( month / year), country of origin and if you are lucky the alloy’s composition.


The horror.

But then again it’s four times less expensive for the same build quality, than OEM Speedlines, so maybe it’s not so bad.

Investment / enjoyment

On a Continuum the more the value of a vehicle the more the temptation to see it as investment.

Hence the tendency to follow the 3 letters O.E.M. as unique mantra and its line of reasoning sheepishly, Ferrari owners come readily to mind.

The Porsche purist mythos as survived side-by-side with the dentist ‘s grey daily for decades.

Its quite a feat.

The air cooled craze that made value of 964 and 993 skyrocket might have tipped the balance on the wrong side of the Medical Center.

Now the dentist kids are worried every time Daddy goes for a ride with the Carrera (twice a month during summer season).

« dont you dare make a dent into that college money ! Come back in 2 hours you and the car will be checked thoroughly.

Poor man doesn’t stand a chance.

Be that as it may, the typical D&D  (Dentist & Dermatologist) individual might, one day, need a track set.

Yes , or maybe he just wants to impress his D&D friends by casually throwing around the idea of a « track set » ?

How novel for a confirmed garage queen !

What then ? A set of Rays engineering TE 37s is definitely a strong choice, light, resistant, easy to maintain. Plus they go well with just about any car.

But what if our buyer is still prejudiced against non-European manufacturers ?

After all this is only 2019.

He’s heard of the concept of period correctness, and he’s betting that a speedline casting mark somewhere and a vague ressemblance to OEM could fool his lesser D&D counterparts into thinking this is the real deal.

Well sir good on ya, you just made a tremendous deal on those Speedline Alessios.

A 3-piece modular wheel, made in the 90’s for Ferraris and Porsches, why not indeed ?


They weigh the same as turbo’s or Carrera RS’s (11,2 kilos front 12,5 kilos rear) and sport stealthily the same « Speedline competition » sticker on the outer barrel.

They are a good choice.

Come to think of it, they are only bargain relative to insanely high prices (up to 15500 USD for a set of Turbo 3.6s in mint condition).

And the Wheel itself

Design is the ubiquitous 5 spokes, curved in the middle of the spoke Mistral-style.


It is roundish too, from the spokes to the wheel bolt holes. Only the nuts holding the 3 piece in position standout as full of necessary sharp angles.

Speedline is not alone in using the particular thread bolt size, but they do take great pain in engraving a distinct logo* on each of them, a useful giveaway if you are on the hunt for such wheels.


This particular set is fitted with comfortably rare « RS » center caps, so that the D&D individual can still find something he likes.

Price and rarity

From 2000 USD to 3300 USD depending on condition.

NB : If you are wondering why my prices on ebay are higher than the prices i recommend on my site, well be aware that 15% of gross amount of a given transaction ends up in the pocket of Ebay and Paypal. Ouch.


*Of course in pure Latin fashion said stamp as nothing to do with « Speedline » « SL » or anything of the sort, it is just different for some reason(s)


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